Will We Look in the Mirror? posted by Yosef Kanefsky

We did it. We carried out the revenge killing, just like we shouted we would. We slowly, over time, slid down the poisonous chute of racism and dehumanization, until murder could be rationalized. We tolerated the writing of Halachik treatises permitting the killing of non-Jews, and then, as we always do, followed the dictates of Halacha. We did it.

The only question now is whether we will look in the mirror. There are definitely alternatives to doing so. We can say that it was extremists; it wasn’t us. We can say that it’s all a conspiracy in which Obama pressured Israel to arrest Jews, but in fact Muhammad Abu Khdeir was killed by his own family because he was gay. We can say that given the intensity of the hatred that is directed toward us, any act of introspection on our part will be perceived as dangerous weakness. We can say these things and some of us undoubtedly will.

Kol Yisrael areyvim zeh l’zeh. We are all responsible for one another.

Will at least some of us look in the mirror?

3 Responses to Will We Look in the Mirror? posted by Yosef Kanefsky

  1. Thou shalt not kill. Enough is enough. Both sides.

  2. Eli Willner says:

    What an odious post. Condemnations of the murder of the Arab child have emanated from every segment of Israeli society. There is a universal feeling of horror and revulsion. (Contrast, by the way, to the universal expressions of glee on the Muslim side at the murder of three Jewish children).

    You don’t know who committed the murder of the Arab child. You don’t know the state of their mental health. You don’t know what drove them or who, if anyone influenced them. For that matter you don’t even know if the people arrested are actually guilty (presumption of innocence, remember?)

    Yet you have the gall to rush to judgment and condemn the entire tzibur. It’s clear that you have guilt complex issues but kindly keep them to yourself. Klop al cheit on your own chest, not on mine.

    • Yosef Kanefsky says:

      Dear Eli
      you are unfortunately engaging in precisely the kind of denial and disassociation that got us here to begin with. When thousands of Jewish kids “like” a facebook posting that calls for vengeance – preceisely the kind that the secretary general of World Bnei Akiva also called for – we have a problem. I understand that it’s hard to clop al cheit on one’s own chest. But Judaism is hard.

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