Anticipating More Guest Posts

The editors of Morethodoxy are delighted that we have received several submissions that continue the discussion of the Divine origins of the Torah. We hope that these posts, and the comments to them, will model a way forward for the Orthodox community to discuss sensitive topics with sensitivity and maturity.

2 Responses to Anticipating More Guest Posts

  1. Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein says:

    Wrestling with the text is our right AND our responsibility, indeed following in the footsteps of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

    Ruth Calderon just recently gave her very moving and poignant speech to the Knesset pushing the point that those in our ENTIRE Jewish community who have “abdicated” (not really but so it may be perceived) the study of Torah in its broadest and most honest sense to serve in TZAHAL and build a country now need to reclaim their part of this shared and collective Yerusha.

    As a religious Jew who grew up in Baltimore and WAS ALWAYS TAUGHT to think and question by my very accepted Orthodox teachers, I believe that we have to do some reclaiming of our own on this side of the pond.

    As Irshad Manji says in her book, “The Trouble with Islam,” we as Jews are fortunate to have a system of development and questioning and reframing of Jewish law as times and situations change WITHIN Jewish Law. I agree and was so heartened when reading these words from someone outside of our Jewish world.

    I am equally disheartened when people INSIDE of our Jewish world try to force us to abdicate this right and responsibility. Go YCT and Shalom Hartman Institute and PARDES and all those wonderful institutions and people who are RECLAIMING OUR RESPONSIBILITY to wrestle and communicate with G-d and that Law that G-d has so lovingly given us.

  2. Dovid Shlomo says:

    Perhaps you would like to feature as Guest Post the long comment I left on Rabbi Helfgot’s essay as Dovid Shlomo. I believe it raises some important points worthy of discussion.

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