Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein on Homosexuality – Barry Gelman

Recently comments made by Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein on the topic of Homosexuality and the way that the Orthodox community approaches this issue have been posted on the internet. Follow the links below.

There have been others who have made a similar pooint. Maybe now that a Gadol HaDor has spoken, a new approach will take root.

First Link

Second Link

Follow this link for a statement of principles on the place those in the Orthodox community who have a homosexual orientation.

4 Responses to Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein on Homosexuality – Barry Gelman

  1. Mr. Cohen says:

    Devarim, chapter 32, verse 16:
    …with loathsomeness they angered Him [G_D].

    RASHI: WITH LOATHSOMENESS: With loathsome behavior; for example, homosexuality and sorcery, which are depicted as loathsome (Vayikra, chapter 20:13)

  2. Mr. Cohen says:

    Vayikra, chapter 20, verse 13:
    “If a man has intercourse with another man in the same manner as with a woman, both of them have committed a disgusting perversion. They shall be put to death by stoning.”

    NOTE: translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan in year 1981 in THE LIVING TORAH

  3. Mr. Cohen says:

    Shaar HaGilgulim, Introduction [ hakdamah] chapter 22:
    “He who has sexual intercourse with a man,
    he will be reincarnated as a rabbit or hare…”

    Arizal was Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, born 1534 CE, died 1572 CE.

    שער הגלגולים – הקדמה כב
    הבא על הזכר, יתגלגל בשפן או בארנבת

  4. Mr. Cohen says:

    Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Sefer Igros Moshe, Orach Chaim, volume 4, siman 115:
    TITLE: Responsa for a Person Who Stumbled with Homosexuality G_d Forbid

    DATE: First day of Rosh Chodesh Adar Rishon, year taf shin lamed vav
    TRANSLATED DATE: 1976 CE, February 2

    First, know the severity of the sin, that [the man who does] it is liable to death by stoning [skilah] and cutting off of the soul [karet]. It is called an abomination; it is one of the most disgusting and depraved of all sins. Even the Gentiles [literally, Sons of Noah] are command this [prohibition]. This will help you withstand the temptation [literally, evil inclination, Yetzer HaRa].

    Second, this is not a natural desire; it is a perversion. The normal desire for procreation was created to ensure the [continued] existence of the world. But this is not included. It exists only because of the desire to transgress the prohibition, which is a form of rebellious sin. A normal sinner will [attempt to] excuse himself with the claim that he was influenced by his temptation [literally, evil inclination, Yetzer HaRa].
    He will not be exonerated, because he could have overcome his temptation, as we see with Yosef HaTzadik [Bereishit / Genesis, chapter 39]. For this sin, however, the sinner will not even have that excuse. This realization will help a person withstand the ordeal.

    You believe in G_d and in all of the 13 Principles of Faith, and in the whole Torah, so these additional thoughts will help you remain firm.

    The [Bible] verse [pasuk] says in parshat Haazinu: “With abominations they anger Him,” and Rashi comments [on Devarim, chapter 32, verse 16:]: “This refers to homosexuality.” We thus see that these sins are done to anger G_d.

    Third, consider the shame [ganai] of all decent people. Even normal sinners consider these sinners repulsive. Even the other participant [HaRasha HaSheni, השני הרשע] involved in this wicked act [homosexuality], considers the first one degraded [mezalzel]. The Talmud [tractate Sanhedrin, page 29A] teaches that false witnesses are worthless even in the eyes of those who hire them. This concept can be used to persuade the sinner away from sin. Since this helps to overcome monetary temptations, it will surely help in overcoming the temptation for this detestable, wicked sin.

    This is not only a most severe sin against the Torah, it is also against all of the basic concepts of society, and the person who does it becomes lowly and disgraced [or despised] to the ultimate degree, and it is a great embarrassment [Ganai HaYotair Gadol] for the person [who commits it] and for his entire family.

    MICROBIOGRAPHY: Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ZTL was born in 1895 CE in Eastern Europe and died in 1986 CE in New York City. During the final three decades of his life (approximately), most Orthodox Jews around the world accepted him as their highest living authority for question of Torah law. He claimed to have never harmed even one human being, even one time, in his entire adult life; that claim was probably true.

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